Becoming an Owner

You don’t have to

reinvent the cartwheel

Once we award a franchise, you have our commitment to help you thrive. Our team bends over backwards to provide the tools, training, and support you need. That way you can focus on the parts of the business you love. Like helping a toddler with their first somersault. Guiding a youngster through her balance beam routine. And hearing the cheers of proud, happy parents.

Awarding a Franchise in

Four Easy Steps

It’s an important decision but it’s not a difficult process. From start to finish, we promise to make your journey to becoming a franchise owner clear, informative and enjoyable. No red tape here.

Talk to one of our Franchise Representatives at +91 9742279622 or Request More Info.

We email franchise information for your review and a Candidate Qualification Summary for you to complete.

After reviewing your qualifications, we’ll invite you to come spend a day at The Little Gym India corporate headquarters in Cunningham Road, Bengaluru. During this visit, you’ll get an overview of the company and meet with the executive and senior management teams. During your visit, we will provide you with the right information and clarify any further questions that will help you make the right decision regarding your The Little Gym.

Within a few days of your visit, we notify you of our decision to award the franchise.

Good People

Just Like You

Just like The Little Gym® members, our franchise owners come from all different backgrounds. Some were attorneys. Some doctors. Some teachers. Some moms. Others had careers in sales and marketing. But they all shared something in common: the sense that “something was missing from their lives.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a gymnast and have experience of working with children?

No! Most of our franchise owners had little or no experience before joining The Little Gym International, Inc. family. Many have enjoyed careers across a broad range of sectors from accountancy and law to teaching, banking, the army and IT. There are also people who have joined us as instructors and gone on to become successful franchise owners.

Regardless of your background, we look for a passion for working with people and children and evidence of strong transferable skills that you can apply to running your own business. We’ll teach you the rest!


What makes a The Little Gym® owner successful?

All our successful owners have good common business sense, a ‘can do’ attitude, work well under pressure, love managing and developing a young team, have strong leadership qualities, a natural ability to build relationships with kids, staff, parents, and their community, an appetite to learn and are financially stable. They possess the entrepreneurial spirit that gives them the courage to leave the safety net of the corporate world and pursue their dreams. Do you feel this is true for you too?

Will owning a The Little Gym® provide a platform for the work life balance I am looking for?

Ultimately, your success is up to you.  Once your business begins to mature it provides you with an opportunity to take a step back, own a gym franchise you are proud of, and balance it with a lifestyle your friends will envy.  It all depends on your aspirations.  Some owners choose to open a second location, some take a step back and work a couple of mornings a week, some spend significant time traveling while the business is operated by a Gym Manager, while some are happy to continue to operate their business day to day.  It’s your business and your decision.

Can I talk to other franchise owners about their experience with The Little Gym®?

During the due diligence period, we recommend you speak to franchise owners in the network and ask them to share their experiences. With over 400 locations around the world, there is a wealth of personalities and experience available to help you determine if The Little Gym International, Inc. is the right opportunity and will meet your expectations.

Can I own more than one The Little Gym®?

Yes! The Little Gym International, Inc. provides you with the opportunity to leverage your skills and experience with the option of opening a gym franchise in multiple locations. Approximately 40% of our owners worldwide are multiple gym owners.

What is the total investment to get started?

The overall cost investment for opening The Little Gym is between INR 65 to 85 Lakhs. The break up of this capital investment shall be shared with you during our conversation further. The sharing of financial information regarding owning The Little Gym will require the signing of a Non Disclosure Agreement. You will receive rights to a protected territory, and a franchise agreement for a specific term.

How much money can I make? When can I expect to break even?

The Little Gym International, Inc makes no representations of individual earnings performance. As with any business, the success of your The Little Gym® is dependent on you, the owner. This includes your aspirations, how you run your business, and the decisions you make each day. The Little Gym International, Inc. offers you a strong brand with comprehensive tools and support along the way to give you an outstanding platform for success.